Monday, Jan. 8, 2018

MORE ON BAGS — Yet another responsible reason to ban plastic bags throughout the Comox Valley. Are our elected officials paying attention? Read it here.

BEFORE SITE C — Long before the Site C dam, there was the John Hart dam on Upped Campbell Lake. Daniel Stoffman has written a book about its construction. It’s reviewed here — one dammed river before another — by James Hull on B.C. BookLook. Read it here.

LITTLE CHARITY AT VV –An investigation by The Stranger (Seattle alternative newspaper) reveals that Value Village takes in $1 billion annually but donates a tiny fraction to charity. Now the Washington state Attorney General is taking them to court for “widespread deception.” Read it here.

REALLY JOHN? — B.C. NDP Premier John Horgan says the government has to set aside its activism and become better administrators. Is that what voters wanted? Read it here.

KICK THE KIDS OUT — Just because it’s dark earlier now doesn’t mean your kids can’t play outside. Read it here.

Enjoy some of the most wondrous space photography of 2017 by clicking here. And for other interesting articles about space and astronomy, go to Universe Today.