Welcome to the decafnation Here’s what we’re about

Welcome to the decafnation Here’s what we’re about

Welcome to decafnation, a community of thoughtful, calm people.

In a world already overpopulated with incivility, think of decafnation as a refuge from high anxiety. Instead of a triple-shot, pulse boosting caffeine assault on your nervous system, our writing aims to give you the milder buzz of a decaffeinated beverage.

But don’t let the coffee metaphor mislead you. You’ll find passionate writing and strong opinions here. We’ll take on controversial topics. We’ll explore the edges of unconventional ideas. We’ll welcome a wide range of guest contributors.

We won’t accept content that bullies, or opinions not honestly held. We’ll delete comments that attack people rather than ideas. We’ll push the trolls back under the bridges.

The vision is to create a gracious space. A place where people can share well-considered commentary in a respectful atmosphere. Where authors know that readers are open to diverse ideas. Where people invite the stranger into their midst, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political sensibility. We are people who want to understand how the world looks from behind the other person’s eyes.

But, wait, there’s more. Decafnation will also publish photography that tells a story, and we’ll expect photographers to include that story with their images. There will be reviews of books, music, art, film and pop culture. And we’ll include links to other interesting articles and websites.

So, if you want to calm down and chill out while thinking seriously about things, this is the place to be.


When Donald stops By The Woods On A Snowy Evening

When Donald stops By The Woods On A Snowy Evening

By Donald J Drumpf — 

I have a pretty good idea whose woods these are, believe me.
And let me tell you something, my people say he’s a complete nobody.
This guy lives in the village.  So what if he sees me stopping here?
I dare him to sue me!  I dare him!

And by the way, this snow is pathetic.
These are by far, the least downy flakes ever!
I hear they had to import them from Canada.
I don’t know. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t. We’re looking into it.

My horse – he’s the most incredible horse, seriously,
I have the greatest, the classiest horses –
My horse doesn’t even know what the hell we’re doing here.
The horses love me though. They do.
They’re always shaking their bells at me, it’s very loving.
It’s a beautiful thing.

Let me tell you something, these woods are an embarrassment.
They’re not dark. They’re not deep. They’re nothing. They’re for losers.
And I cannot wait to sue this guy.
I cannot wait to sue this guy.

Please check out other fun pieces at the rottingpost.com. Here are direct links to a couple of them: http://bit.ly/1WrQLq6    http://bit.ly/1qRtlP9

Dancing and 1970s fashion at the Renaissance Faire

Dancing and 1970s fashion at the Renaissance Faire

Dancing and 1970s fashion the Renaissance Faire

The Comox Valley’s counter-culture came together during the 1970s for the annual Renaissance Faire. There was music, dancing, arts and crafts and, to the horror of The Establishment, smoking of marijuana — done secretly in those days, of course. Fashion trends seem to favor long skirts and dresses for women, while the men went topless over old jeans.

Do you recognize anyone in this photograph? if you do, please leave a comment below. Or just share your memories of the Renaissance Faire. You can also join the conversation by “liking” the Decafnation Facebook page.

Keep on truckin’

George Le Masurier

Decafnation | Feb. 10, 2017

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