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Imagine a sewer pump station with a homey feel

What would the City of Courtenay and the Town of Comox do if they didn't have a convenient ocean to dump their contaminated sewage into? Imagine, a homey feel at the Courtenay Air Park Treatment Plant (CAPTP). A place suitable to host wedding receptions and city...

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Doctors link flu outbreak to sewage leaks in estuary

Re: Current outbreak of flu potentially linked to leaky force mains in estuary News Reports in the Vancouver Island media suggest a serious stomach flu this winter caused by the norovirus has been linked to eating raw or poorly cooked oysters. Oysters are one of the...

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Shakesides adviser releases letter sent to Mayor Ives

May 4, 2016 Town of Comox Office of the Mayor 1809 Beaufort Avenue Comox, B.C., V9M 1R9 Attention Paul Ives, Q.C. Dear Sir, Re: Mack Laing Nature House Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference (TOR) As our Committee rather abruptly concluded its meetings on Friday and...

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CVRD engineer made a shameful statement

This letter represents the concerns of over 60 households who signed a petition against the proposed Beech Street Sewage Pump Station. We have expressed many times the serious health, safety, and fairness issues the sewage station would create. We now want to bring to...

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In a world already overpopulated with incivility, think of Decafnation as a refuge from high anxiety. Instead of a triple-shot, pulse boosting caffeine assault on your nervous system, our writing aims to give you the milder buzz of a decaffeinated beverage. But don’t let the coffee metaphor mislead you. You’ll find passionate writing and strong opinions here. The vision is to create a gracious space. A place where people can share well-considered commentary in a respectful atmosphere. Where readers are open to diverse ideas. Where people invite the stranger into their midst, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political sensibility.
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