Abbeyfield closure highlights seniors housing issues

They come here to retire. They come from across Canada, the United States and other countries. They come for the Comox Valley’s moderate climate and spectacular landscape. They come, they stay and they age. And so the Comox Valley's population has aged at a rate...

5 reasons why you should care about sewerage

Your enjoyment of our waterfront One of the joys of living in the Comox Valley often touted in tourism promotions is the pleasure of swimming off beaches around Baynes Sound, including Comox Bay, off the end of Goose Spit, or from the beach at Point Holmes. Besides...

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Summer: it’s a time for purposeful idleness

One of most annoying burdens of growing up Protestant is the nagging belief that idleness is a sin. Summer is definitely the time to throw off this sadly mistaken belief. The truth is, doing nothing is arguably quite virtuous. When we are truly idle we burn no fossil...

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B.C. should jump start pot regulations

British Columbia, a province usually anxious to tax anything within its reach, has curiously kept its hands off of a large source of potential revenue: marijuana. While Washington state, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska inhale multi-millions of dollars of tax revenue by...

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Must we go to Mars to appreciate Earth?

When Earthlings first saw photos of our planet taken in space, it sparked a flowering of awareness that all humanity shares a common home – our inexpressibly beautiful and fragile blue dot. Our annual celebration of Earth Day arose from this new consciousness, and...

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Woody Guthrie-style song written about Mack Laing's heritage home, Shakesides

A newcomer to the Comox Valley has written and recorded a Woody Guthrie-style song about Hamilton Mack Laing’s heritage home, called Shakesides. Robert Cordrey says the walk through Mack Laing Park to spend time along the shore around Shakesides has become a regular and favorite part of his daily routine. After learning the history of Mack Laing and the house and being an amateur songwriter, he wrote and recorded a tune in support of the efforts to preserve it. The song can be found here: 


Redirect provincial funds for improved long-term seniors care facilities

A 2015 report by the B.C. Care Providers Association proposed taking one per cent of the funding currently given to provincial health authorities over a five-year period, a total of about $320.8 million, and redirect it to creating more long-term care facilities.

The money could potentially fund the annual operation of almost 4,400 long-term care beds, or 12.8 million care aide hours or eight million home support hours, according to the report.

Daniel Fontaine, CEO of the BCCPA, said there are a “staggering” number of seniors taking up beds in acute care facilities such as Surrey Memorial Hospital or Vancouver General Hospital when they don’t need to be there.

“Province-wide, roughly 13 per cent of every bed-night is being used by somebody who should be at another level of care,” he said.

Read the whole story here.

Bishop Gary Gordon to celebrate St. Joseph's 104 years

The public is invited to the St. Joseph’s Open House and Ceremonial Farewell at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 21 in the lobby of the former acute care facility.

The event is an occasion to allow the community and past and present staff, administrators, medical professionals, and volunteers the opportunity to reflect and reminisce while paying tribute to the Valley’s proud history of acute healthcare services previously provided by St. Joseph’s.

The formal program will commence soon after 10 am with an opening prayer by the Most Reverend Bishop Gary Gordon, Diocese of Victoria.

Cake and refreshments will be served followed by self-guided tours of select areas of the acute care facility.

Parking is free. Lobby doors will be accessible to guests by 9:30 am. The event runs until 1:00 pm

#Keeping it Living

Project Watershed and the K’omoks First Nation kicked off their fundraising drive on Sept. 21 to purchase the old Field’s Sawmill site to its natural state, a saltwater marsh. The partnership has nearly two years to raise $500,000 from the Comox Valley community. They hope to raise the remainder of the estimated $6 million-plus cost of the project from private and government grants.

Courtenay Council Member Doug Hillian has asked the city to forego property taxes on the site during the fundraising drive, a donation of $67,000 per year. And Hillian pledged to personally match all donations to the project by friends and colleagues attending his retirement party at the end of the year.

A number of individuals stood up during the launch party to pledge their support, including Locals Restaurant ownerTricia St. Pierre, who said the business would offer ways for guests to donate.

Tim Ennis, executive direction of the Comox Valley Land Trust, has taken on the role of project manager. He played a similar role in the restoration of the Campbell River estuary.

Here’s how you can contribute.

Lame Joke Du Jour

A B-flat, a D-flat, and an F walk into a bar.

The bartender says to them, “I’m sorry we don’t serve minors here.”

So the D-flat leaves and the B-flat and the F have an open fifth between them.

Need a laugh? Check out our archive of lame jokes.

Thought Du Jour

“In the planning stage of a book, don’t plan the ending. It has to be earned by all that will go before it.”

— Rose Tremain

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