Marianne Enhorning: from architecture to modern art

Marianne Enhorning mixes her love of nature and the human figure with subtle architectural elements to create dreamlike paintings that establish her place in her family’s artistic heritage

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Your Morning Briefing


Last chance to comment on natural gas pipeline probably going through Comox

This weekend is your last chance to tell the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency that, yes, it needs to do a federal assessment of the 750-hectare onshore and offshore Kwispaa Liquified Natural Gas Project near Bamfield on Vancouver Island.

Steelhead LNG and the Huu-ay-aht First Nations, minority equity owners, have entered a co-management agreement to develop the Sarita Bay LNG project, newly named Kwispaa LNG. This is an $18 billion project that requires as much energy as Site C is supposed to provide, and that would industrialize Barkley Sound and become BC’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

A 1000 km pipeline will supply the project with gas from fracking operations in northeastern BC, running from Chetwynd to Powell River, under the Salish Sea to (possibly) Comox and over the mountains to Port Alberni and Bamfield. The project will export 24 millions tons of LNG a year requiring 3-7 LNG tankers weekly.

A proper federal review must include the facility, the pipeline and the product, including:

The impact of fracking on water supply, groundwater, and mammalian health.Ecological impact of the plant and the tankers, including on salmon and Species at Risk such as orca and humpback whale, as well as on the Sarita and Somas estuaries, Barkley Sound and Alberni Inlet

Upstream and downstream greenhouse gas emissions, their economic impact on other sectors of BC society, their impact on Canada’s international obligations, and global climate change.

Impact of the 1000 km of proposed pipeline, including all affected forests, habitats, streams, rivers and oceans.

An economic assessment of the LNG market and this project, and protections for the environment against abandonment of the project during its 25-year lifetime.

Written comments in either official language must be submitted by November 18, 2018 to: 

Courtesy of the Watershed Sentinel

CV Council of Canadians invite you

The Comox Valley chapter of the Council of Canadians is extending an invitation to “all supporters to come together as concerned activists and join in an open discussion to strengthen, energize and focus our vision to move forward at this crucial time in history.” The chapter’s annual general meeting is open to the public at 7 pm on Nov. 22 in the Evergreen Room of the Florence Filberg Center in Courtenay.

Scales Creek and wells possibly contaminated by PFAS from 19 Wing Comox

According to a statement from 19 Wing (CFB Comox), the DND will test groundwater and monitor water quality in nearby wells and waterways, including farm irrigation systems, for the level of perfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS), a chemical used in firefighting foams. The base’s environmental monitoring program has detected some level of PFAS in groundwater and in Scales Creek.

19 Wing says firefighting foams containing PFAS are no longer used in training exercises, but kept on base for emergency situations. Most residents around the base should have access to a regional water system, but are being asked if they are using their wells and how surface or ground waters affect them.

Testing will begin shortly but the results aren’t expected until next spring.

Lame Joke Du Jour

Q: What do you call a teacher who refuses to break wind in public?
A: A private tutor.

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Thought Du Jour

‘Green’ does not have to mean the sort of hair-shirt, wood-burning-stove sensibility of the ’70s. Green can and should be sleek and modern.”

— Graydon Carter