Do we still need an Earth Day?

Millions of people participated in a first-ever annual grassroots demonstration 47 years ago to raise awareness about environmental concerns. They called it Earth Day. At the time, in 1970, the message focused on saving the whales and cleaning the trash out of our...
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The mistrust of government begins at home

The strong undercurrent of government mistrust that shades the American landscape is something relatively new to Canadians. But the recent Comox Valley Regional District open house on the HMCS Quadra sewer line replacement shows how and why that mood is changing. The...

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At the end of America, Trump

For as far back as I can remember, people have warned me about the certain implosion of America. They made comparisons to fall of the Roman Empire and Sodom and Gomorrah. The unmistakable signs were everywhere, they said. As a teenager coming of age in the midwest...

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Book reports from the DecafNation

On Jan. 1 every year, the DecafNation presents its annual collective Book Report. I know what you're thinking, "Hey, this is the first time I've seen this Book Report." You're right, because the DecafNation didn't exist on Jan. 1, 2016. But we plan to make this an...

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Pot report stumbles on medical access

The federal task force on marijuana released a thorough report this week that proposes to end Canada’s 93-year prohibition on legal pot production and consumption. Its 80 recommendations touched on the important considerations and concerns for a well-regulated system,...

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Reason No. 17 why there's still hope for humankind

While chatting with an Australian couple, the waitress at the Waikiki restaurant mentioned she had dropped out of college because she had accumulated too many school-related debts. The vacationing couple left her a $400 tip. The waitress, 22-year-old Cayla Chandara, left a thank-you note and flowers for the couple at their hotel.

The couple revisited the restaurant the next day and gave Chandara an even larger gift: an offer of more than $10,000 to pay off her debts and student loans.

There's some good news, and even better news on happiness

At what age were you (are you) the happiest?

A new study by researchers at the London School of Economics shows that personal happiness peaks at the ages of 23 and 69. Why?

The researchers believe a wave of optimism washes over people as they enter the workforce, and the sense of solace as they leave it.

Canadians are the third most sleepy people in the world

According to a new study, Canadians are the third most sleep-deprived country in the world. Among those who don’t get enough sleep, we’re tied with Americans, and just behind the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The medical director of Aviva, the insurance company that commissioned the study, blames the lack of sleep on too much screen time, and late-night television in particular.

The Washington Post reports that U.S. businesses lose about 1.2 million employee workdays and $411 billion in revenue every year due to the sleep deprivation of its workers. And dozy workers reduce the nation’s GDP by about 2.3 percent per year.

Lame Joke Du Jour

Easter Bunny jokes

Q. What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?
A. A hot cross bunny.

Q. What do you get when you cross a bunny with a leek?
A. A bunion.

Q. How do you make a rabbit stew?
A. Make it wait for 3 hours!

Q. What’s the difference between the Easter Bunny and a lumberjack?
A. One chews and hops, the other hews and chops.

Q. What do you call a rabbit with fleas?
A. Bugs Bunny

Q. How do you catch a tame rabbit?
A. Tame way, unique up on it.

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Thought Du Jour

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

— Maya Angelou

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