Comox mayoral candidate Tom Diamond has a vision

Comox mayoral candidate Tom Diamond has a strong vision for a vibrant town facing massive growth pressures — a future by design, not by default

Water bottling project raises aquifer concerns

The B.C. government has approved a controversial groundwater licence for a water extraction and bottling operation on a two hectare property on Sackville Road in the Merville area. They did it despite a strong objection from the Comox Valley Regional District and without public consultation or regard for community concerns.

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Valley farmers discuss ALR

The Comox Valley Mid Island Farmers Institute is leading the regional discussion on how to revitalize the Agricultural Land Reserve. A recent meeting in Merville produced lots of ideas.

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Fully fund N.I. health care, hold VIHA accountable

The independent analysis of the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA, or Island Health) delivered by external consultants Ernst & Young two weeks ago concluded that an electronic health records system implemented at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (NRGH) was “not properly planned or implemented.”

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With PR, everyone has a voice

Katie Betanzo was raised in the Comox Valley and New Zealand and moved to New Zealand in 2001. She teaches media studies and English in Auckland. This is the first in a series of articles about how proportional representative government works in her adopted country.

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Your Morning Briefing

Sewerage workshops tonight and tomorrow for Public Advisory group

If you’re thinking of nominating someone, perhaps even yourself, to sit on the Public Advisory Committee that will help plan future sewerage systems in the Comox Valley, there’s a workshop tonight (June 18) from 5 pm to 7 pm at the Lower Native Sons Hall.

There’s another workshop tomorrow night (June 19) at the Comox Golf Club.

The public committee and a Technical Advisory Committee will advise the Comox Valley Regional District as it prepares a comprehensive Liquid Waste Management Plan.

Bids are in for 120 complex care beds

The Vancouver Island Health Authority (Island Health) has received bids on building 120 new complex care bids in the Comox Valley. But the health authority is not saying how many or who has applied. The successful proponents will be identified on Aug. 31.

In its Request for Proposals issued earlier this year, Island Health said it could award contracts to more than one proponent. The RFP stated that at least one contract award would go to a proposal that included hospice care and where Medical Assistance in Dying was an option.

The dire lack of complex care beds has caused patient care and staff morale problems at the new Comox Valley Hospital due to overcapacity issues.

FURTHER READING: Comox Valley Health Care

Jim Egan featured in LGBT film

Late gay rights activists Jim Egan and his partner, Jack Nesbitt, are featured in a CBC “LGBT heritage minute” film that was unveiled this week in Toronto.

Egan and Nesbitt lived in the Williams Beach area. Their case to claim a spousal pension under the Old Age Security Act went to the Supreme Court of Canada in 1995. Egan and Nesbitt lost the case, but cleared the path for legalizing same-sex marriage.

Read about the one-minute film here.

Lame Joke Du Jour

A guy walks into a bar, and there’s a seal sitting at the far end of the room.

The seal says to the man, “I like the way you smell. You’ve got a great haircut. Your jacket looks great on you. Nice tan.”

The man says to the bartender, “Who is he?”

The bartender says, “That’s the Seal of Approval.”

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Thought Du Jour

“It’s a facet of the gay rights movement that people don’t think about enough. Why suddenly marriage equality? Because it wasn’t until 1981 that the court struck down Louisiana’s ‘head and master rule,’ that the husband was head and master of the house.”

— Ruth Bader Ginsburg