Social Studies 4.10.2017

The connection between Passover and Easter The Christian holiday of Easter and the Jewish holiday of Passover occur almost at the same time every year. Why is that you may wonder? Here’s a link to help you understand their connection and their differences....

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Social Studies 02.27.2017

Yes, we know it's now April. So we're a little behind. We took a vacation, okay. Chill. The Decafnation has left its sickly, lifeless existence behind The Decafnation has left its sickly, lifeless existence behind and transported ourselves to an all-inclusive tropical...

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Social Studies 02.20.2017

If you hate the same things, you might fall in love How did Valentine’s Day turn out for you? Not so good? You might want to try the new dating app called Hater. It’s based on the premise that long-term compatibility depends more on the things you hate than what you...

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Social Studies 2.6.2017

America's fast-food president likes it clean Seventy-year-old U.S. President Donald Trump loves fast food. Big Macs. Buckets of KFC. Slices of pizza. And he hates exercise, which he doesn't do often. America's Fast-Food president isn't setting a good example in the...

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Social Studies 1.30.2017

Proud of Washington state for first to sue Trump I am so proud of my friend and Governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee, for denouncing President Trump travel ban on Muslims from certain countries. And for Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson for leading...

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Social Studies 1.21.17

And you thought Trump's inaugural speech was weird? Incoming vice-president Andrew Johnson — ill with typhoid and probably still drunk from consuming the medicine of the day, whiskey — game a rambling speech in 1865 that bragged about crushing the Confederate rebels...

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Social Studies 1.01.17

It's a brand new year! Did you wear diapers or red underwear? When the Babylonians celebrated the first New Year 4,000 years ago, not one of them wore red underwear — as they do in Italy to bring good luck — or diapers — as some people do at Times Square on New Year’s...

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