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Wells elected CVRD chair, Hamir vice-chair

Nov 21, 2018

By George Le Masurier

Newly-elected Courtenay Mayor Bob Wells has been elected to chair the Comox Valley Regional District board. Wells represented the City of Courtenay on the CVRD for the past four years, along with former mayor Larry Jangula and Councillor Mano Theos.

At its inaugural meeting Tuesday, Nov. 20, directors also elected new Area B Director Arzeena Hamir as vice-chair. This is Hamir’s first time in public office.

There are seven new faces at the CVRD board table this year: Daniel Arbour, Area A; David Frisch, Courtenay; Hamir; Doug Hillian, Courtenay; Jesse Ketler, Cumberland; Wendy Morin, Courtenay; and, Maureen Swift, Comox.

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Petition put to BC Legislature: restore North Island pathology

North Island MLA Claire Trevena presented a petition signed by over 2,500 people to the BC Legislature Nov. 20 that calls for the return of onsite clinical pathologists’ services to the Campbell River Hospital and to investigate possible conflicts of interest within Island Health

BC’s logging practices called out by Comox Valley group

Supporters of Save Our Forests Team – Comox Valley (SOFT-CV) rallied outside Claire Trevena’s office in Campbell River to protest the provincial government’s continued logging of the last stands of productive old-growth on Vancouver Island

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