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You might be thinking, why should I care how Courtenay and Comox collects, treats and disposes of its sewage? Most people never think about this topic. But this isn’t just about poop. It’s about decisions that affect our social and environmental values. It’s about fiscal responsibility. It’s about protecting the K’omoks estuary. It’s about recognizing how sea level rise and the increasing frequency and severity of winter storms will impact our shorelines, where sewer pipes are now located. CVRD engineers for the Courtenay-Comox Sewer Commission have engaged public stakeholders to set new goals and objectives that will guide a planning process for a long term solution.

Valley faces a watershed moment

Valley faces a watershed moment

Comox Councillor Barbara Price has offered up misleading statements to defend changes to an antiquated sewerage system that serves only Comox and Courtenay residents. Price chairs the Comox Valley Sewage Commission, which is itself a misnomer. The Sewage Commission...

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Director calls for Valley-wide sewer plan

Director calls for Valley-wide sewer plan

When elected officials and the community they represent achieve a certain level of synchronicity, good governance and good outcomes usually result. So a reasonable person might expect that after voters strongly rejected a Comox Valley Regional District sewerage system...

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